Month: April 2018

How To Find Out If Test Clear Really Works

Drug tests are often used to determine whether a person is taking drugs or not. One of the most popular reasons for having a person tested for drugs is when they may be a potential employee. There are some companies that require their employees to be drug-free.This is especially true if the job description involves [Continue]

Should You Home Drug Test Your Teenager?

Teenagers, even the one who doesn’t get into a lot of troubles can often raise your blood pressure to the level of being rushed to a nearby ER facility. But what about those who go overboard, maybe by taking illegal drugs and substances? What can you do as a parent? Well, if you suspect that [Continue]

Understanding Problems With Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency, sometimes called hypogonadism, is a medical condition where the body doesn’t generate a sufficient quantity of these androgenic hormones. The causes of low testosterone are varied, such as aging, illness or damage to specific glands or organs in the body. Medical treatments can cause testosterone levels to drop as well. Much of the [Continue]

The Convenience Of Home STD Test Kits

When it comes to being tested for sexually transmitted diseases, many people are embarrassed to go see a doctor. The convenience and anonymity provided by home STD tests have made them a popular option. Most at-home tests can be ordered online and sent directly to your residence in a discreet envelope. For those who may [Continue]