Should You Home Drug Test Your Teenager?

Teenagers, even the one who doesn’t get into a lot of troubles can often raise your blood pressure to the level of being rushed to a nearby ER facility. But what about those who go overboard, maybe by taking illegal drugs and substances? What can you do as a parent?

Well, if you suspect that your child is abusing drugs, there is the option of readily available at home drug test kits that you can use to unearth the truth. The good news is, they have become much less costly in the recent past. A marijuana screen test kit, for instance, may cost you as little as $1. There are lots of controversies surrounding the effectiveness of home drug test kits, especially when compared to lab tests. To help you figure out whether you should opt for at home test kits, here is a quick overview of the benefits that you stand to gain by screening your teenager at home:

1. Faster results: Home screening can be done in minutes. There is no need to collect the samples and have it delivered to a nearby laboratory and then wait for days before you get the results. With a home drug test kit, you will quickly know the answer to the question that has been disturbing you for a while.

2. Private: Home drug tests can also maintain your privacy. They, therefore, come in handy if you are a public figure or if you live in a small town where you may not wish the whole community to know that you have had a drug test done for your teenager.

3. Deterrence for your children: Other teenage drug users may convince your child to try his or her hand in drugs because parents will never find out. Now you can easily counter this with an easy retort about the availability of at home drug test kits. Put simply, the kits offer children a convenient way of getting out of the temptation to do drugs and parents a seamless way to help your children.

Although there are many positives that are associated with at home drug test kits, you need to be judicious to get the most out of these kits. False positives, for instance, can result from poppy seeds, medicines, and mouthwashes, leading to a false accusation. Accordingly, knowing the right time to use the kits is vital. Nonetheless, most home drug test kits are FDA approved (you can always check the products’ level to ascertain this) and boast of 95 percent accuracy. They are, therefore, great for starting a gainful conversation about drug use with your children.

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